Merridale Furnishers

The Brief

Merridale Furnishers is a West Midlands based company selling furniture, who have been in business for over 40 years and built a very loyal customer base.

But their customer needs were changing. Their customers were demanding a digital experience as well as face-to-face selling. They wanted to see products in store and continue viewing them at home.

The team at Merridale Furnishers wanted to make sure that the high-end feel and experience customers experienced in store was the same on the website.

The Creative Solution

Our team completed thorough customer surveys and asked what customers wanted from the website. It was clear that they wanted to feel that when they left the shop they could go online and find the products they were looking. They needed the website to be easy to navigate.

Our design team then interpreted this brief with a simple yet classic, easy to use website that had that same feel you have in-store.

Given the large volume of stock, we made sure that all of the items were neatly categorised. We’re really proud of the results.

The Result

Both Merridale Furnishers and Creative Ideaz are proud of what we’ve achieved. We have managed to create a high end user experience online.

However, money talks, and because we took the time to truly understand what their customers wanted, their online sales doubled. Moreover, they saw an increase in number of enquiries about products on the website.

Merridale Furnishers

We came to Creative Ideaz with our vision and they worked endlessly to make this happen. This resulted in a great website and a continued relationship with their team.

Merridale Furnishers

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